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Valve Manifolds

Valve Manifolds are manufactured by us in two, three and five vale options. These are used in hydraulic system which deals with liquid and pressure. Their purpose is to connect two and more valves present in a hydraulic system. Talking about single body configuration, there is flexibility to combine an assortment of block/isolate valves. Herein, every valve boasts of a separate opening in the lower part, which is used for connecting a pipe to it. The common part of the entire system is the valve chamber. The most standard parts of valve manifolds are needle, bleed, ball and vent valve. This not only saves the space, the arrangement also supports in reducing the installation cost.

Advantages of manifold valves:

1) Less path flow and hence less chance of pressure drop
2) Higher efficiency and less heat fluctuations
3) Simple and highly compact design
4) Least chance of oil leak