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Das and Scada Solution
DAS and SCADA Solution is being provided by us which is used for having a connection in a building and for monitoring and controlling data in a small as well as a large scale plants. It is easy to install and use.
Indicator Systems
A range of Indicator Systems to measure various conditions like temperature of different objects, ph level is being manufactured by us. These prove to be highly useful in situations where accurate reading regarding items is needed. These are easy to operate.
Instrument Fittings and Hardware
Various Instrument Fittings Hardware can be availed to be used in a variety of functions. These include air headers, instrument panels and various others and can be effortlessly fitted into the required space. These are available in different sizes and forms.
Pressure Gauge and Accessories
The Pressure Gauge and Accessories are utilized to protect the pressure instruments. These are needed to reduce the service temperature and can work well even at a lower temperature. These are designed to measure the media pressure in an entire system.
Temperature Sensors and Accessories
Temperature Sensors Accessories are highly essential in different industries like food where exact temperature is required to be known. These provide accurate reading, regardless of the state the items are in. These have a compact design and are super easy to use.
Valve Manifolds
Having an improved layout, manifold valves have less number of connections. These are suitable for confined space since the size of their cartridges is small. They have have less requirement of upkeep.
Steel Tube Fitting
The Steel Tube Fittings are suited for changing the direction of the liquid flow, fluid and gas. These are the reliable, corrosion-resistant and durable fixtures of high-temperature resistance. These boast of cryogenic toughness and are totally apt for the industrial applications.
Pipe Fittings
The Pipe Fittings can also be used with the fire sprinkler systems. These are also used for carrying water. The fittings are suitable for combustible gasses, steam and oil. These are highly resistant to rust and are used to combine, reduce and divert the flow of the water.
Pipes and Pipe Fittings
The Pipes and Pipe Fittings are the advanced quality pipe connectors. These are suited to change the direction of flow in the plumbing system. Plus, these can reduce the flow of the water supply. They can simplify the conveyance of water as well as other fluids.
Air Header
The Air Headers are suited for the distribution of air to systems, valves and pumps. These are the best substitute for multiple valve assemblies. These are configured for accommodating several outlet valves. These are proffered with many end connections.
HVAC Sensor
The HVAC Sensors are useful in preset air temperature. These are proffered with interior air temperature sensors in the basis of which these can perform their task with utmost ease. These are capable to enable the incorporation of HVAC systems with building mechanization systems.
Digital Differential Pressure Indicator
The Digital Differential Pressure Indicators are made to measure the variance between two pressures. Supplied devices are apt for the monitoring of filter contamination. These are suited for the level measurement in closed vessels. In addition, these are suited for the flow measurement of liquid media and gaseous media.
DP Gauge Switch
The DP Gauge Switches are the microprocessor-based instruments. These are equipped with a unique Hall Effect sensor which can convert the differential pressure into electric signals. These offer analog output and allow for remote location monitoring. These are provided with easy to read dial instruments, which can do away with the error.
Oil Level Gauge
The Oil Level Gauges are suited for several applications in overhead and underground storage tanks. They can be used in the storage tanks of petroleum products, such as diesel, furnace oil and lube oil etc. Supplied instruments are useful for variety of industrial purposes and can simplify the process.