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Pressure Gauge And Accessories

We deal in best-quality Pressure Gauge and Accessories, which are the instruments, suited for measuring the condition of liquid, gas and fluid. They are made to indicate the steam pressure. These are applicable for manufacturing and engineering. They are suited to determine whether a measurement is smaller or larger than another dimension. These accessories can function as the reference standard. Pressure Gauge and Accessories are also made to measure the rate changes. They work precisely and ensure correct measurement of the pressure. These are functional as the crucial components of many processing systems. They are reliable, easy and accurate to read as well as make use of.

Differential Pressure Gauge

  • Material:Aluminium
  • Size:2 inch / 50 mm
  • Color:Sliver
  • Product Type:Differential Pressure Gauge
  • Usage:Industrial Use
  • Accuracy:1 mm/m
  • Display:Analog

Pressure Gauge

  • Size:50, 75, 100 MM Dial
  • Application:Oil Refineries, Chemical Processing, Mechanical Engineering, Petro Chemical Plants
  • Usage:Industrial
  • Product Type:Pressure Gauge
  • Accuracy:99.9 %
  • Display:Analog